A baby night light can be an important tool to help your little one sleep. Often used in conjunction with a calming lullaby, this simple device helps to ease your baby’s fears of the dark, making it easier for them to drift off to sleep.

There are many different types of night lights available on the market, ranging from inexpensive plug-ins to flashy gadgets that play lullabies or project moving patterns onto your nursery walls. However, as a general rule, you should opt for a simple night light that just plugs into the wall.

Baby night lights that cast bright blue or white light can disrupt your infant’s circadian rhythm. Instead, choose a light that emits a low wattage, diffuse, and red-based hue (like amber) to prevent your baby’s body from disrupting its natural melatonin production.

Moreover, be sure to place your child’s night light away from any other light sources, such as TVs and tablets, which can also influence their sleep cycles.

Some night lights come with built-in lullabies or a moving pattern, and while these may seem cute, they can be distracting and agitating for your infant. This is especially true if your child is already sensitive to new sounds and sights.

If you’re looking for a more portable option, the Westinghouse 4-in-1 LED Night Light is our top pick. It comes with a recharging base or USB cable, and has multiple color options and brightness levels.

It also has an option to use it as a flashlight, which makes it perfect for camping or other outdoor excursions.

You can even turn it into a sound machine, featuring shushing, heartbeat, or white noise options. The night light comes with a 45-minute timer to automatically shut off after your child falls asleep, so you can rest assured they’ll have the most peaceful sleep possible.

This plush turtle nightlight is super soft and squishy, with a rechargeable battery that powers it through the night. And you can set it to either a single color or rotate through three soothing hues.

The 45-minute auto-shutoff option is great for toddlers who like to wake up in the middle of the night, and the turtle is made from a super-soft and squishy material that’s perfect for calming your super-active toddler.

There are also a number of different color options and brightness settings for this nightlight, so you can customize it to fit the mood and your child’s personality.

This simple, portable nightlight is an affordable option that’s easy to carry and use. It can be used in both high and low power mode, and its batteries last up to 28 hours!