There was a time in the music industry when the piano players of the world had one problem when it came to playing their music — they were having trouble seeing their sheet music as well as the piano keys due to the lighting (or lack of it) of the area that they might have had to play in. Thus,Guest Posting┬áthe piano lamp was developed. This lamp was originally and primarily created for use by piano players (as well as other musicians). The piano lamp was specifically made to shine its light directly wherever the piano player needed it. This type of lamp was made in many different styles in order to accommodate the many styles of pianos that there existed.

The shade of the piano lamp was constructed to be long and narrow in order for the light to shine directly on the sheet music and not cause any kind of shadows over the notes. The main light bulbs that are used in piano lamps are the fluorescent type light bulb. The lamps are capable of sitting on the particular piano they are created for in such a way that the actual instrument is not disturbed in any way and the lamp does not get in the way of the piano players performance. There are also clip on styles of the piano lamp that makes this lamp even more versatile. They can be used on any type of piano and there have been many other uses found that these lamps are good for. Let me mention just a few —

Antique piano lamps are now being used for desk lamps, as well as picture lamps, kitchen lamps, and reading lamps. The clip on style antique piano lamp allows you to be able to clip it onto that special family portrait that you may have hanging up in your living room. Why are these types of lamps used for that? Well, you may want to showcase that picture in a way that it stands out and what better way to do this then to attach a light to shine on it? The piano lamp has also been used for a “night light” to light up the path for families when they may need to get up in the middle of the night. There are many bulbs of different wattage strengths that can be used with your lamp. You can purchase the bulb to give you the right amount of light you need for the task — and the antique piano lamp will direct that light exactly where you need it to go.

This type of lamp can be bought at a reasonable price but there are collectors that have a passion for trying to find the oldest ones that were used by famous piano players. As you might imagine, it can get quite expensive when a collector finds one that was actually signed by a famous piano player! black and gold bedside lamps