The best employee communication apps help teams of all sizes collaborate and keep everyone on the same page. They allow employees to communicate with one another using instant messaging and voice and video calls. They also offer tools for collecting feedback and distributing company announcements.

Before selecting an app for team communication, it is important to determine your goals. Various apps excel at different tasks, from disseminating the latest business news to encouraging collaboration or building communities.


Slack has all the functionality of email, text messaging, instant messenger, and collaboration tools in one place. It lets team members communicate with each other, share files, and work together in virtual workspaces. It also offers a wide variety of integrations that enable it to be customized for the way teams actually work.

The app allows users to customize notifications to avoid interruptions and keep them up-to-date. It also features a variety of add-ons, including RSS feeds to stay up-to-date on industry news and aggregators, video chat and call software (either built in or via integrations), and goal-setting and OKRs.

Slack also features a quick switcher to navigate between channels and threads. You can also star channels you need to keep up with and watch them rise to the top of your sidebar. You can even customize the color palette to suit your preferences. The app also offers a range of accessibility options, including screen reading and magnification support.


Whether you’re a restaurant owner, real estate agent or marketing agency, Chanty has the communication tools to help you collaborate easily with your team. The platform’s powerful team space management helps you delegate tasks and boost productivity. Its conversation tools include pinning messages and pinging individual members to keep everyone involved in discussions on track. The chat also lets you share files and images to facilitate collaboration.

The team chat app has unlimited message history and features a teambook for neatly organized conversations, pinned messages, and other content. It also supports multiple languages and offers video/voice calls and text messaging. Chanty also makes it easy to collaborate with your team by enabling you to copy and paste code snippets into discussions.

The chat app also integrates with third-party apps to streamline workflow. The dashboard displays key information from these apps to give you a more efficient remote work experience. It also enables you to use Kanban boards to manage tasks in an easy manner.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A forum that’s popular among software developers. It’s an excellent place to share knowledge and solve problems with fellow developers. But there are some downsides to Stack Overflow, including the possibility of being downvoted. Even perfectly reasonable questions are sometimes downvoted, and you can be subjected to sarcastic responses from other posters.

Founded in 2008, Stack Exchange is a platform for programmers to share technical knowledge. Millions of developers and technologists visit Stack Overflow and the broader Stack Exchange network each month to ask questions, get answers, and learn new skills. Stack Exchange is headquartered in New York City and has offices around the world.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a knowledge base platform that makes it easy to share and find information from within a team’s chat app. It provides a single, central repository for shared knowledge, reducing interruptions in the workflow and providing access to up-to-date information. It also integrates with key developer workflow tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.


Fuze is an enterprise communications platform that combines voice, video, and modern collaboration tools into one cloud-based solution. Its unified communications platform eliminates the traditional burden of hardware upgrades, platform maintenance, carrier costs, and IT management. It also reduces meeting complexities and provides call analytics to align business communications with business goals.

In addition to HD voice and video, Fuze allows users to collaborate on projects with features such as real-time screen sharing and remote desktop access. Its integrated messaging and modern teamwork capabilities help teams be more productive by eliminating the need to switch between apps throughout the day.

Its integration with Microsoft Teams offers seamless transition between calls, meetings, and content sharing on any device. Recently, it upgraded its meeting experience to enable an immersive view of presentations and more. Moreover, its one-click calling functionality allows users to easily start Fuze calls from a Teams chat or thread. This feature is a big improvement over current alternatives.