Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is actually a technique of online marketing to optimize a website,Google Search and SEO Elite Articles using various search engines. This is done so as to generate high quality website traffic and boost its chances of being one of the most visible sites in a search engine. Using Search Engine Optimization, websites are ranked according to the various keywords used in them. SEO results are influenced by online factors such as content and offline factors such as linking strategies. All these activities ultimately lead to increase in website traffic.


How Search Engines Rank Websites?


The 3 major search engines Google, Yahoo, and MSN basically look in to try and categorize the websites that are listed with them, and rank them according to the focus of content and keywords published on the websites in extreme detail. These websites are picked according to existence of the chosen keywords typed by the user on the search engines. These chosen keywords need to exist in a particular website, whether once or multiple number of times. For all particle purpose Google Search is ideal.


What Google Search is all About


Google Search pays much less attention to the how the content on the web page itself has evolved. This means that keywords present anywhere help websites to get high ranking within the search engine.


Google Search looks at who’s clicking for a website, to determine how highly its’ ranked. If search results of important sites lead to a particular website (incoming link), the website is termed as highly ranked.


Pitfalls of Competitive Keywords


1. Competitivekeywords such as ‘web design’, ‘real estate’, ‘news’ club even the relevant website with the irrelevant ones. However the search engine optimization tool singles out a website among others for rankings, based on the relevancy of keywords typed that are more specific to the overall content of the website.


2. So it is highly necessary that instead of competitive keywords, specific keywords should be used. So once a particular keyword is typed, it leads to a particular website.




1. If some one tries to search about a web design site, it leads to several relevant or irrelevant sites, but if the keyword searched is related to a particular part of web designing, it offers better results and leads to a specific website.


2. Instead of searching for websites that are related to ‘careers’, searching for websites that are related to ‘hospitality careers’, will make the search more specific.  Live your best life