Many companies have established their brands and seeped their way into the public’s consciousness through a successful corporate branding campaigns. Today, for example, “Prada” is synonymous with bags while anyone who wants to buy a digital camera needs only to go to an electronics store and say “Kodak” to be shown the store’s different digital cameras.

One of the strategies companies use to try to create buzz for their products and services and establish their brand is to give away promotional products. Try attending any corporate-sponsored event and you’re bound to get gift items emblazoned with a company’s name, logo and contact details. In fact, a survey conducted by Sweeney Research in 2003 indicated that companies in the United States spend around $13 billion every year on promotional products alone.

Companies’ willingness to spend a substantial amount on promotional products like pens, mugs and in some cases, cheap digital camcorders can be explained by this simple fact: they serve their purpose.

Corporate giveaways for one, have greater recall value. A study made by the Promotional Products Association International indicated that 76% of people are able to recall the name of a company they saw on a promotional product while only 56% can remember the business that advertised on a print publication they read in the past week.

Because promotional products are items used often, they not only serve as a constant advertisement for a company but also conveniently provide instant access to a business’ contact information– an instant edge over competitors.

The key to maximizing the benefits of this type of strategy is to find the right corporate giveaway and using it wisely. Just because you found a supplier who will sell you discount portable DVD players doesn’t mean you should automatically use them as giveaways. When picking out what to give out, you need to really give your choice serious thought. You have to choose an item that is able to represent your company and what you do well. If your company sells photography supplies for example, then why not try giving away cheap professional digital camcorders to your loyal clients?

One of the purposes of corporate giveaways is to make your company stand out from your competitors. So while a notepad is a good product, you would create greater impact if you find unique corporate gifts or items that are a bit higher in value and use them instead (even the cheapest portable DVD player is bound to create a stronger impact).

To make the most of your promotional products, you have to ensure that the recipients of the products will be able to trace them back to you. When you buy a cordless phone, a notepad or a cheap digital camcorder as giveaways, be sure that you have them embossed or printed with your company’s name, logo and contact details before you give them out–these are supposed to serve as advertisements, after all. goodies entreprise