When it comes to fitness, a good personal training app can bring you the benefits of an in-person trainer without all the hassle and expense of hiring one. These workout apps offer the accountability and guidance of a fitness professional to help you build habits that will keep you on track to reach your goals. If you have limited time, budget or space, these apps also offer flexible options to get in a workout at home, on vacation or while traveling.

Several of these apps feature an instructor-led virtual workout that you can stream. They include a wide range of workout styles from HIIT to boxing, barre, athletic performance, and Pilates to name a few. You can mix and match different trainers, join challenges to increase your motivation and receive custom programming. You can also add supplemental services like physical therapy, nutrition coaching and meditation and mindfulness to your app experience.

You can sign up for a free trial of these apps. However, a subscription is required to continue use. The subscription price is $6.99 per month, which is billed to your iTunes account until you cancel.

Some personal trainer apps also serve as client management software. These types of apps allow you to manage all aspects of your business, such as client payments and scheduling, while allowing trainers and clients to stay connected through in-app messaging and progress tracking. For example, Trainerize is an all-in-one solution for trainers that operates face to face, online or in small groups and offers custom branding and integration with popular software such as Zapier and MyFitnessPal.

Other apps like Fitosphere, WellnessLiving and Coach Catalyst help you run your fitness studio or private practice more efficiently. These apps can help you create customized workouts for your clients and offer features such as fitness and nutrition coaching, class scheduling and booking, and more. The WellnessLiving and Coach Catalyst apps are best suited for large studios or gyms, while the FitnessSW app can be used by smaller boutique fitness studios.

If you want to improve your running form, Joggo is a great option. It offers personalized cardio workouts, audio guidance to keep you motivated and a community of runners to keep you accountable. It’s also available in an extended version that can be used to monitor your heart rate and measure your fitness progress over time.

Another app that brings the accountability and guidance of a personal trainer to your phone is Future. This workout app offers a variety of plans that are tailored to specific goals, including losing weight, toning muscle and building strength. Each plan is created by a qualified personal trainer and includes videos of the exercises, instructions for how to perform each exercise, and tips on nutrition and recovery. It also includes a progress photo journal to motivate you along the way. You can even connect your fitness tracker to the app to see how you stack up against other users on the leaderboards. personal training app