papier peint sans pvc is a great way to add a unique touch to your home or office. Many manufacturers offer a variety of options that are both pvc free and non toxic. Some are also printed with Greenguard certified inks. While some manufacturers do still use PVC coatings, many are not and have made a commitment to remove pvc and nontoxic ingredients in their manufacturing processes. This is great news for those who are concerned about harmful chemicals in their home.

Pvc free wallpaper is typically printed using water-based inks. Water-based inks produce a much lower volume of VOCs than solvent based inks, and are a healthier choice for your home or office environment. The inks are also safe for children and pets, and are not a source of air pollution.

In addition, a wallpaper without pvc is typically printed on an eco-friendly substrate such as unbleached cotton or recycled paper. This reduces the amount of wood, oil and chemicals needed to make the paper and is a greener alternative to vinyl. This is a big plus for those concerned about the environment and their health.

Some pvc free wallpapers are also produced with no added flame retardants. These products are often referred to as “green” or “eco-friendly” and are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. These papers are usually treated with an organic additive such as linseed oil, vegetable or soy oils, or natural mineral salts. They may also be treated with an organic fungicide to protect against mold and mildew growth.

There are a number of pvc free wallpapers available on the market, and many are made by independent companies. There are some major manufacturers that offer a large selection of designs including those with traditional, peel and stick, and 3D textures. Some of these products are printed using Greenguard Gold certified inks and are manufactured at an FSC chain of custody certified facility.

One brand that offers a wide selection of styles and patterns is Chasing Paper. They have both traditional and peel & stick wallpapers that are pvc free. Their wallpapers are printed with Greenguard Gold certified ink and are manufactured in America’s heartland. Their wallpaper is designed to create a memory and can be used in many ways – from lining drawers, to creating an accent wall, or even framed as artwork.

Another company that prints a large variety of pvc free wallpaper is Miss Print. They have a variety of designs and can be purchased directly through their website or Burke Decor in North America. Their wallpapers are printed on a non-woven surface and have a very low odor. Their pre-pasted product has the lowest odor with their glue seeming almost odorless.

A third option is Fern Living. They offer a variety of wallpapers that are printed with water-based inks on non-woven fleece fabric. They are pvc and phthalate-free, and they do not add any flame retardants to their papers. They have showrooms in Europe and the US, and they ship worldwide.