Whether you want to travel to Germany or Austria, do business with German-speaking countries, or simply be fascinated by German culture, learning the language will open doors for you. As one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world, it’s no surprise that German is a popular choice amongst evening class learners at Imperial College London.

Courses range from a complete beginner level to proficiency and are held in the evenings over ten weeks. They include two-hour classes each week and are taught by experienced teachers. You will learn a variety of skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking, all of which are essential for effective communication in Germany or any other German-speaking country.

You will learn German using the Berlitz method. This immerses you in the language from the start, giving you conversational skills and grammar straight away. You can even customise your lessons to suit your schedule, with classes offered on the weekends and evenings.

If you’re looking for more formal training, there are also German courses available at private language schools and tuition centres in the city. These tend to follow the levels approach, and may be better for those who want to learn the language in a structured way, or who are planning to take an exam.

Many Londoners and people from around the world have travelled to Germany over the years, inspired by such luminaries as Beethoven, Johann Bach, and Johannes Brahms (composers), Friedrich Nietzsche (philosopher), Steffi Graf (tennis player), Claudia Schiffer and Diane Kruger (actresses). With so much history and culture behind it, it’s no wonder that learning the language is an exciting prospect. German lessons London