Designed to reduce in-shoe slipping and enhance agility performance, grip socks are popular with players of team sports like rugby and football. These socks are typically padded with silicone/rubber pads that make contact with the shoe, sock and foot to eliminate internal slippage and help with balance and speed.

The socks are usually made with breathable materials to reduce moisture build up on the feet, making them more comfortable during long games of sport. They also provide traction on the inside of the socks to streamline stability where it is needed the most.

Grip socks have exploded in popularity over the last decade, with most rugby and football matches featuring players wearing these performance-enhancing socks. In addition to gripping the foot, these socks often feature anti-odor fabrics, quick-drying vents and temperature control to keep your feet cool and comfortable during a game.

A major reason why grip socks are so popular with players is their ability to prevent blisters – a common issue amongst all types of athletes. The padded, textured gripping elements of the socks prevent the rubbing between your foot and the inside of your boots that causes blisters. They also reduce the amount of friction between the sock and the floor surface, which is particularly useful for people who spend time in hospitals or senior care facilities where slippery surfaces can lead to injuries.

The gripping element of the socks is strategically placed around the ball of the foot, meaning that they’re designed to be worn under your official team socks. This is important because most players will cut off the bottom of their official team socks, creating a calf sleeve that they’ll wear over their grip socks to comply with the regulations of the game they’re playing in.  custom grip socks