BB guns are air guns that shoot plastic (usually) or metal BBs through smoothbore barrels. They can use a variety of power systems, including spring and pump action. They are an excellent way to get experience shooting a handgun in a safe, controlled setting without having to travel and spend money on a live-fire gun.

While most bb guns are made to look like real firearms and some even have authentic controls, they can also be used to practice gun handling skills or just for fun. Many of them are a great option for kids who are just getting started in the sport, and they can be a good alternative to a live-fire gun for adults that don’t want to carry around a heavy firearm. There are even bb guns that shoot pellets rather than BBs, which some users find to be more accurate than a high-velocity BB.

There are a wide variety of BB guns available, from cheap replicas to more detailed and accurate models. Some are made to mimic historic firearms, and others allow you to experience weapons that may be difficult or impossible to obtain in the real world.

Some federal laws restrict who can own, possess, or sell guns and BB guns. Before purchasing, check with your state and local laws. It is also important to understand the safety risks associated with BB guns, and take the necessary precautions when using one. For example, BB guns can cause eye injuries if fired in the wrong direction or if they are shot into an object.