Europe is one of the most popular destinations for family vacations, but with so much variety, deciding where to go and how long to stay can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many ways to tailor a trip to meet the needs of your family, including following these sample itineraries.

Whether you’re looking for a city-based European vacation or want to spend time outdoors, these itineraries provide plenty of options for your next trip. Travelers can enjoy a mix of historical sights and cultural experiences, with each destination offering something unique.

Kick off your trip with a few days in London, where you can discover iconic landmarks and explore family-friendly museums. Visit the famous Tower of London and Buckingham Palace, and allow plenty of time to relax in green spaces like Hyde Park and Regents Park. If your kids love the theater, you can also see a kid-friendly show on the West End.

For a European trip that balances history and culture with the opportunity to experience some of the continent’s best beaches, consider a journey through Italy, starting in Rome and ending on the Amalfi Coast. You’ll be able to learn about local traditions, such as flamenco and tapas, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

If you’d prefer to avoid the crowds, consider visiting a European city during the winter. You’ll be able to take advantage of the season’s festivities and explore some of the continent’s most enchanting Christmas markets. Europe itinerary 3 weeks with kids