In the world of subscription services there’s Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Apple Music and a few dozen other offerings that offer a bundle of media for a small fee each month. One of the lesser known options is YouTube Premium, which offers ad-free viewing on the video platform along with some other extras.

With YouTube Premium you get an ad-free experience on the main YouTube app and on other YouTube-branded apps including YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, and YouTube Kids. It also includes access to YouTube Originals, which are the video platform’s original shows and movies. YouTube Premium is available for $14 per month on its own or as part of a family plan. Students can get a discount to the service for $7 per month, but they’ll need to verify their student status once a year.

A key component of YouTube Premium is the ability to download videos for offline playback. This is great for anyone with a limited data plan or who uses their phone on commutes that take them down roads with poor cell reception. It’s easy to enable the feature by tapping a button below each video to save it for offline viewing. You can also download entire playlists to make it easier to get the content you want when you need it.

Another key benefit of YouTube Premium is queuing which lets you start watching a video while another finishes playing. It’s perfect for catching up on a series or jumping from a Bad Bunny music video to the latest episode of Overtime from Dude Perfect without missing a beat. This feature is available on Android and iOS devices.  يوتيوب بريميوم