The modern bra emerged from two parallel movements: health professionals’ concerns about the cruel, constraining effects of the corset and the clothing reform movement of women who longed for a less restrictive garment. The first modern bra is credited to 19-year-old Mary Phelps Jacob, who created it in 1914 at her two-woman factory in Boston.

The 1930s brought innovations such as adjustable elastic straps, padded cups and the front hook bra. By the 1940s, the fashion world helped the industry boom with new designs, such as the androgynous flapper look that called for a push-up bra.

While many women have a love-hate relationship with bras, there’s no doubt they are important for maintaining proper breast shape and size. Properly-fitting bras also help to prevent back pain. And they’re a must under clothes that require a lot of support, such as a structured dress.

But how can you choose the best bra for your figure? It starts with understanding the different types of bras. And while it may sound simple, it’s not easy. Each woman’s bust is unique, which means that a bra that fits well for one person will not fit well for another. women’s bamboo bras