call answering service is a valuable business tool to reduce the number of missed or ignored calls, and help with business productivity. SMEs can benefit from having this service during busy trading times or at holiday periods such as Christmas when their staff is away and it allows them to continue to deliver exceptional customer support without missing any calls.

When a call is made to your company, the answering service receives the call and takes down a message or makes an appointment for you to return the call and transfer to whoever is available. They will also provide your customers with a personalized experience, which is a great way to develop your relationship with your customer as research has shown that 80% of people are more likely to purchase from companies that offer personalised services.

The answering service staff will usually be trained to understand the lingo of each client company so they can answer calls with as much information about their products and services as possible. This helps to improve customer satisfaction levels and provides a higher level of personalization that the automated answering service used in large call centers simply cannot offer.

There are many answering service providers to choose from and it is important to check with the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) for a list of members, and ask for references from other businesses who use their services. You should also be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau for any unresolved complaints against a company before signing up.