The Law Tutor team provides educational help for students, bar exam candidates and law school graduates, specializing in subjects like family, criminal, civil procedure, international and constitutional law. They provide law students with resources, including outlines and video lessons, as well as short-answer practice questions, in order to help them understand, learn and memorize the law so that they can succeed on law school exams, in their classes and on the bar exam.

Tutors are usually former law students or legal professionals who have been in the practice of law, but have chosen to devote their time to teaching and research instead. They have a passion for the law and enjoy sharing their knowledge with students, helping them to overcome any obstacles that they may be facing. They are able to cater their tuition programs toward each student’s specific course syllabi and assist them in writing detailed study guides, providing law students with support beyond that which they receive from their professors.

In addition to their academic skills, Law Tutors are able to provide assistance with essay writing and editing. They can help improve structure, wording and correct errors in essay submissions that are not up to standard. Their specialised subject knowledge and practical experience in the field of law also gives them the ability to provide an in-depth insight into each student’s work, which can be invaluable when it comes to scoring a high grade. Law Tutor