Celebrities hire bodyguards to protect them from a wide array of elements that can harm them: paparazzi, psychotic fans, stalkers and ex-partners. While the role may seem glamorous, it’s a complex and challenging career that requires extensive training.

For example, many people in this industry claim to be bodyguards simply by pointing to their size, muscles and fighting skills but a professional celebrity protection agency will often employ a range of bodyguards with varying levels of competence. A celebrity, their management or sometimes a production company will approach these businesses to provide security.

In order to be effective, a celebrity bodyguard must be able to assess the threat level of a situation and quickly make a decision. The ability to stay calm in high-pressure situations is also key.

The role requires a deep commitment to the job and can put both the client and the guard in danger at times. In addition, the duty can take a physical and emotional toll on the protectors.

A day on the job for a celebrity bodyguard can include anything from escorting them to dinner, business meetings or music videos to shopping excursions and even awards ceremonies. A team of advance bodyguards will usually visit the location beforehand to scout out possible vulnerabilities, liaise with onsite security and familiarize themselves with all the routes they will need to take to bring the client into a facility, on to the stage or into their vehicle. Joseph Daher