A refrigerant leak detector is an important tool for HVAC technicians and DIY hobbyists alike. These devices can help you find even the smallest leaks that are usually odorless and colorless, making them difficult to locate without a detector. These tools are also a necessity for any job that involves working with refrigerants, as these chemicals are toxic and can contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Fortunately, these leak detection tools are not only efficient but also extremely durable, and with the right care and maintenance, can last for years. They’re also a lot faster and more accurate than the old school method of applying soapy water to suspected leak points, which can take time and may not be as effective in hard-to-reach areas.

The Fieldpiece SRL8 is one of the most popular choices in this list, and for good reason. This detector is well-known for its speed and accuracy, and it’s compatible with a variety of different refrigerants, including HFC, HCFC, CFC, and blends. It also offers a convenient audible and visual alarm indicator, as well as a variable intensity setting for sensitivity.

Another top-rated option is the Wale&Morn WJL-6000pro, which features a heated diode sensor and an LCD screen for readings. It can detect a range of different refrigerants, including R22, R410A, R404a, and R1234yf, as well as halogen gases. It also has an auto zero feature that compensates for changes in background air concentrations, which is useful for technicians who work in dynamic environments. Top 10 refrigerant leak detectors