With the stature of the largest city as well as the honor of being the capital of Hungary since 1873,Guest Posting when Buda and Pest were united to make a perfect political, financial and cultural epicenter of the county, Budapest have prevailed to be among the most prestigious and desired getaway destinations over the past a few decades. With a huge fan following who have been witnessing the charm and tranquility of the city through movies and biopics, Budapest have now emerged as among the most picturesque and fascinating cities in the Europe. People who have been thinking to have a weekend or a long getaway to the Hungarian capital may easily find the most iconic landmarks of the city such as Royal Palace, Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Heroes’ Square and Parliament House on many travel guides, but once you are done with it, what will you do? If you are looking for something more, then you can follow these places to ensure a much detailed exploration of Budapest:

  1. Sail Your Way Through Danube River

Gazing across Budapest is a heavenly delight but the best way to have the beautiful sparkling view of the Parliament building and other landmarks on the banks of the river is by taking a boat ride across the Danube River. Travelers from across the world enjoy exploring every alley and street of Budapest to come across many medieval and Gothic architectures but when we speak of witnessing the outer glow of Budapest, the magical experience can only be gained by sailing your way through Danube River. There are a number of vendors who give the sailing ride across the river and offer a beautiful glimpse of sparkling cityscape and thriving architectural beauty of the Hungarian capital which is often captured by the travel photographers on daily basis.

  1. Visit Margaret Island

Step out of the bustling streets of the Budapest mainland and help yourself to make a way through the picturesque Margaret Land, surrounded by the Danube River. A spellbinding island that is stretched 2.5km in length and nearly 400 meter width, this spellbinding place is filled with a number of parks, recreational areas and landscapes, giving both residence and visitors of Budapest a space to enjoy the natural beauty, away from the honking streets of Budapest and spend some quality time with the people they love on a small picnic within the city. Margaret Island also lush with a number of scenic medieval ruins that are really gorgeous and hold a significance in the history of Budapest.

  1. City View from Gellert Hill

A small highland located in the city of Budapest, Gellert Hill is a small and picturesque district of the city, home to a number of cultural and historical sites, elevating in the middle of the cityscape. Travelers from around the world enjoy visiting at the foothills of this small district by going to the Geller Baths and often finish their journey. However, if you insist on having the most amazing sunset view of the city, then climb your way through the Citadel which may take nearly a couple of hours to give you a mesmerizing sight of the city and its surrounding. The golden dusky sky and clouds on the horizon gives the city a magical look of being a heaven within and makes visitors fall in love with the place even more.

  1. A Visit to the House of Terror

A quirky landmark in the city of Budapest, located near Andrassy Ut. 60, House of Terror is a multi-story gallery, featuring a number of exhibitions of communist regimes from 20th century that gave up their lives during the imprisonment and torturing within the very building. Presently, the House of Terror have become a prominent landmark which is visited by thousands of tourists on daily basis and give away a surreal experience of understanding the brutal era of Budapest where the art work and architectural designs have made this ruin of history into a piece of marvel. The House of Terror opens 10AM till 6PM Tuesday to Sunday and may cost you nearly US$10 Per Person to explore it all.  다낭 밤문화