It’s all an energy field. From the most subtle to the grossest matter everything is energy and everything vibrates. Mind is also an energy field. Perhaps, the most complex known energy field. The understanding of the way “mind function” is based on the law of correspondence.


As above, so below; as below, so above

Various meta physicists and scientists and sages from the East have described various levels at which the mind operates. These vary from the sub conscious to the super conscious. However, the most simple to understand and commonly known states are the sub-conscious and the conscious.

Life is itself an energy which enlivens the energy field comprising the mind-body complex. This life is called the soul or the spirit. It is the fuel energy needed to run the mind-body matrix.

The human mind has immense power and potential. While an ordinary mind remains at the level of mind-body, an evolved mind is able to activate its latent powers and can travel beyond the mind-body combine. In a sense it is able to open its proverbial ‘Third eye’.

The physical brain is but a vehicle. The mind has no location in the body. In fact, the mind runs across the length and breadth of the body. The Eastern spiritual philosophy talks of the seven chakras or energy centers which control the entire functioning of the mind-body complex. In a normal life the person is not ‘ready’ for the activation of these chakras or energy centers. Once the necessary conditions of the mind-body have been met over many lives, then the serpent energy or the kundalini energy, which lies dormant at the root of the spine is activated. The male-female components of these two energies then move up the spine and activate the various chakras on the way. Once this is done then those features or faculties are triggered which enable an ordinary person to perform tasks and actions which an ordinary person cannot do.

My experience. After many lives of spiritual conditioning this time around I was able to meet the ‘necessary conditions’ for Spiritual awakening as Kundalini Awakening. It happened on 18 Feb 2010. The experience cannot be put to words. It can only be experienced. Thereafter, for months I was a bundle of joy, bliss and energy. Millennium old baggage of ego perished. I came face to face with myself. I could fly and go to the moon – Energy overload took place. I went into complete silence. In that silence my intuitive faculty sharpened and became laser sharp. I was able to travel back and forth in time dimension. I moved back 5000 years and was able to see future events 12-24 months in construction! The energy keeps moving in circles between the eyebrows whenever I sit in meditation, I start ‘rocking’ with additional energy- specially my head. Even my throat chakra is energized. So what? Is the next question. Well, I am awareness and perform all my duties with this newly acquired wisdom and healing powers. I was able to see the Tsunami, Earthquakes, Jasmine revolutions much ahead of their actual time of occurrences. With the higher energy in me.

The Mental Keys.

There are three mental keys which are unique opportunities to unravel the mystery of the mind.

The most significant is to live in ‘awareness’. The other two will follow. It is my conviction that life is nothing but awareness. We all are awareness. We as spirits and souls are a witness of all that happens around us. We are absolute and complete. We are pure and perfect. There is no crack in the personality of this soul. All that is good, is in me. With this first key we need to open the smaller doors of the conscious and subconscious minds. Rest is tools and techniques.

By using the guidelines the coach needs to take the client through various levels of mind as an energy field. While journeying in these fields we need to help the client weed out all that is unwanted so that he gets a direct access to his higher self and is able to see his potential and convert it into kinetic energy. Hence, with the mind in control, all falls in place. purple moon rocks