Clearwater is a city in Pinellas County, Florida and is located northwest of Tampa. The city is home to Cleveland Street and Coachman Park and has a humid subtropical climate. As a result of the warm and sunny weather in Clearwater, homeowners are constantly running their air conditioners, which can create a lot of power demands on the home. It is up to the breaker panel to distribute this power throughout the house to the receptacles, lights, and appliances. The breaker panel also protects the wiring in the home from power surges.

Our electricians install, repair, and inspect breaker panels for homes and businesses in the area on a regular basis. Having an older breaker box that isn’t up to the power demands of modern appliances can cause problems and even lead to electrical fires. We recommend upgrading to a newer breaker box, especially in homes built in the 1960s and ’70s, which are known to have unsafe breakers that need to be replaced.

We also install and service solar systems in the Clearwater area. Solar provides a very quick ROI, by immediately reducing or eliminating your electric bill and adding tax-exempt value to your home or business. This is possible due to the 30% federal solar investment tax credit, which has now been extended through 2034! Electrical Panel Clearwater