Since the advent of computer technology, typing has become a commonly used skill that impacts work productivity and efficiency. The average typing speed is 40 words per minute (WPM), but this varies by individual skill level, learning habits, and specific job tasks. While some people are naturally faster typists than others, the good news is that anyone can learn to improve their typing skills with regular practice.

In fact, many high-performing workers have a WPM of more than 60. These experts are able to quickly and accurately process information in high volumes, enabling them to focus on other important job functions.

When evaluating your typing speed, it’s important to consider both the gross number of words typed in a minute and the amount of errors made. Most WPM calculators display the latter figure, which is known as net WPM or adjusted WPM. This figure is calculated by subtracting the number of errors from the total number of words typed.

Generally, fast typists have better overall accuracy rates than slow typists. This is because accurate typing practices minimize mistakes and reduce the time spent on rewriting or editing content.

The fastest typists in the world are able to achieve speeds of 160 WPM and higher, which is incredibly impressive! While they may be a rare breed, these individuals have found that their superior keyboarding skills provide them with a competitive edge in their chosen careers. Regardless of your own personal typing speed, it’s critical to set goals for yourself and commit to improving your skills over time. average typing speed