telephone headsets allow callers to have both hands free while on the phone. They also help reduce the neck and shoulder strain from cradling a phone between your ear and neck, and they prevent bad posture that can lead to back pain. They are ideal for call centers or office environments where employees spend a large amount of time on the phone.

There are many benefits to using a headset including increased productivity, better customer service and decreased physical discomfort. A headset allows you to listen and talk at the same time while keeping your hands free for typing on a keyboard or consulting paperwork without interrupting the caller. The headset microphone is designed to focus on your voice and reject any unwanted background noise. Most headsets come with an amplifier that plugs into your phone or softphone to provide volume control and other audio circuitry to make calls sound crisper.

Wireless headsets enable users to leave their desk during a call and are currently capable of roaming up to 300ft from the phone, allowing them to walk around while continuing a conversation. Having the freedom to move means they are less likely to miss calls, or have to listen to voicemail messages and return them, which increases personal productivity and improves caller satisfaction.

Some headsets are designed with a choice of wearing styles, such as an ear hook, headband or neckband, making it possible for all employees to use the same model while ensuring they have a comfortable fit. Some headsets connect directly to the handset port of your office phone without the need for an amplifier, although they typically do not have the control and quality of a headset with an amplifier.