A booming global market in illicit steroids fuels international criminal networks as well as poses health risks for consumers. Thailand’s strategic geographical location and lax regulations are a draw for manufacturers and users of these illegal substances. Many of these drugs are manufactured and distributed in clandestine labs throughout the country. The influx of these illicit products into the international market demonstrates how important it is for countries like Thailand to collaborate with others to crack down on this problem and improve international standards.

THERE’S SOMETHING about the seedy beachside town of Pattaya that keeps bringing Australian amateur bodybuilder Michael Dorn back. Dorn is part of a thriving subculture that uses anabolic steroids and growth hormones to get the ultimate “ripped” look. But while these drugs are heavily banned in Australia – where laws are among the strictest in the world – Dorn and hundreds of other young men and women have discovered that it’s easy to travel to Thailand for their steroid vacations.

The easy availability of steroids in Thailand has become a major concern for sports medicine associations. These drugs disrupt the natural balance of hormones and can cause a range of long-lasting problems, from increased irritability to rapid increases in cholesterol levels that put athletes at risk of heart failure or stroke.

In a pharmacy in the middle of a busy street on Sukhumvit Road, Spectrum was able to purchase the anabolic steroids Andriol and Testoviron within minutes – all for less than 1000 baht (£25). These drugs are sold alongside a wide range of other products such as anti-steroid creams and dietary supplements.  Steroids Thailand