Whether you are looking for a plumber to install or repair your plumbing, you can count on the highly skilled team at Star Plus Plumbing. They have the latest technology in leak detection, so you can save money and avoid major damage from small leaks that are left untreated.

STAR+PLUS helps adults get Medicaid health care and long-term services and supports through a managed care plan that they choose. It provides support in daily living activities, changes in the home to make it safer and more comfortable, and short-term care to give caregivers a break.

Star Plus Energy is hiring Senior Process Engineers to develop and enhance EV battery production processes for safety, quality, and productivity. This includes monitoring, analyzing, and implementing new equipment, procedures, and systems to improve production.


The Federal Court has fined a plumbing and electrical business $125,000 for engaging in a sophisticated campaign to mislead consumers. The company, Star Plus Group Pty Ltd and a related business, SPG(SA) Pty Ltd, posted fake reviews and fake proof of purchase documents on the Yellow Pages website and Product Review site. The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs took legal action against the businesses, alleging they breached Australian Consumer Law.

Our team can test your water quality and provide treatment and filtration solutions to ensure the best water possible for you and your family. Star Plus Plumbing