Agricultural buildings require a highly regulated and temperature controlled environment, especially for produce storage. Spray foam insulation can help achieve this for farmers by preventing energy wastage and keeping costs down. It also allows for improved ventilation, resulting in higher performance and better production. Omaha Spray Foam offers both medium and high density insulators specifically designed for agricultural use. These products are very cost-effective to install, and they also provide advanced temperature control which helps in improving livestock performance and health.

Unlike traditional insulation rolls, spray foam insulation does not lose its effectiveness over time and is much easier to install. It is applied by spraying and expands to fill all gaps, ensuring a complete insulation of the building structure. Closed cell spray polyurethane (SPF) such as Icynene can be used for insulating steel, aluminium, tin or fibre cement buildings. It is also perfect for insulating poultry houses due to its ability to resist pecking from chickens, and can increase egg production by up to 20%.

A properly insulated farm building can reduce heat loss by up to 90%. This will reduce your heating bills significantly and in some cases, it may pay for itself in as little as 3 years! It also eliminates condensation, and provides an airtight seal against vermin.

Insulating your barns, farrowing houses and other agricultural buildings will keep them warm in winter and protect them from the harsh Northern climate. It will also keep them cool in the summer, which will save you even more money on energy costs. Insulation also helps in reducing feed and crop loss caused by condensation, mold and mildew. agricultural spray foam insulation