One of the happiest things that you can ever experience is having your first application for a credit card approved. You will definitely spend lots of time looking for the things you want to buy and planning for your first shopping spree that doesn’t involve you getting some cash out of your wallet once you receive your card.

However, you have to know that credit cards are one of the leading reasons why thousands of people are currently in debt. They are indeed handy to have but for many people, they are cause of the financial woes and problems.

First time owners of “plastic money” can easily become victim of overspending. After all, the experience of going shopping without paying for any item with cash and being able to pay for them in installments and even at zero interest rates can really be very appealing. But before you know it, it seems that you can’t stop using your plastic card to buy anything, even if you tell yourself that you will only use it for emergency reasons.

If you are a first time owner of a credit card, below are some tips you can follow so that you can avoid overspending and maxing out your card:

For those still applying for their first credit card or looking to get another one, you need to choose your card well. At present, there are various credit cards offered by different companies and banks suitable for varying spending and lifestyle needs. You can get a card that is perfect for most day-to-day expenses and one that doesn’t come with an annual fee. There are also ones that you can get with higher spending limits and cards that comes with international concierge service. Basically, choose a card that suits your needs. However, you also need to apply for a card that you can realistically afford. As such, when applying for a card, make sure you know the interest rate and payment terms.

Always plan your purchases. Once you receive you card, make sure you plan for and be highly selective about the items you will pay for using it. Remember that any unplanned, small, and frequent purchases on your credit card will add up. You should also consider setting a limit to any big-ticket item you want to buy and stick to this cutoff point.

It is still more advisable to use cash. Even if you don’t have a lot of spare cash, it is still more sensible to pay for your lunch, coffee or a new book you want to buy with cash. By doing this, you get to avoid accumulating high interest rates on your credit card bills.

Lastly, use your rewards. Almost all credit cards now come with certain privileges and the best ones will provide you with valuable rewards, such as free travel after reaching the required points. And once you can avail of these rewards, make sure that you put them into good use and enjoy these freebies. Best CBD Vape UK