Shell bracelet is a simple, beach-inspired accessory that adds a touch of laidback luxury to your look. It’s easy to wear year round and at any occasion, whether you’re headed to a festival or just want a casual day out.

People across many cultures have worn shell jewelry, and a variety of cultural meanings have attached to it. In general, these pieces are seen as symbols of prosperity and fertility, especially for women, and can be thought to provide spiritual protection.

In addition to the shells of sea snails, people sometimes use other kinds of mollusks, such as the oyster layer known as mother of pearl or nacre and the operculum which is a part of some sea snails. They also sometimes incorporate tusk shells (scaphopods) and the shells of land snails, and may include other non-shell materials such as beads and metalwork.

Archaeologically, shell bracelets first appear in the Santa Cruz River valley in small numbers during the Early Ceramic Period (A.D. 50-500). They are associated with people identified as Hohokam, along with red-on-buff ceramics, 3/4 groove axes, other shell jewelry, ground stone palettes, and particular rock art motifs.

The Hohokam favored a bracelet form that employed the Glycymeris shell, more commonly known as bittersweet clam or jingle shell. They made bracelets and necklaces out of these beads, as well as pendants and other ornaments.

Our knotted cowrie shell bracelet is a perfect example of the laidback luxury associated with these ancient treasures. Each bracelet is handcrafted with natural cowrie shells and waxed cord for a soft, comfortable fit. Pair it with a white or cream top for an elevated everyday style.  shell bracelet