Whether you are recovering from injury, looking to boost your strength or simply want to feel more flexible & balanced, Pilates is the answer. Developed over 25 years, this modern approach to fitness is an effective way of improving core strength and reducing pain & inflammation through guided movement & posture re-education. Suitable for everyone, including young children and pregnant women.

We offer equipment based classes which are individually tailored to your body’s needs and fitness level. Classes are graded from safe gentle exercise through to a challenging and demanding workout. The Pilates Collective studio has state of the art Clinical Pilates equipment including trapeze tables, reformer beds, Wunda chairs and wobble boards all designed to enhance your Pilates experience.

All classes are taught by highly experienced and qualified instructors who take pride in helping you learn, and re-learn the correct movement patterns to promote core strength, flexibility and pain free movement patterns. Classes are small ensuring lots of interaction, feedback and guidance. We also focus on the core Pilates principles of breath, flow, centring, flow, precision & mindfulness to assist you to become more in tune with your body and mind as Joseph Pilates originally intended.

In our clinic based pilates, your physiotherapist will perform a full clinic assessment to determine which exercises are safe for you and the ones that aren’t. This ensures that your pilates program is as effective as possible and minimises the risk of re-aggravating your injury.

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