Palm tree wall art is a perfect choice to give your home a tropical and laid back look. It’s not just for tropical or glam decor, but works well with coastal, zen and botanical styles as well. Whether in watercolor, oil, pen and ink or photography, palm tree artwork adds a tropical touch to any room.

Nothing speaks of vacation and sunshine like the image of a beautiful palm tree. The gorg plant is the official emoji for holiday Instagram captions, and you can bring its sunny spirit into your home with our selection of palm prints. Add a splash of blue to your walls with 83 Oranges’ print of palm trees against a clear blue sky, or create the feel of a getaway with Myan Soffia’s Palm Springs Getaway poster.

A symbol of success and victory in Greco-Roman culture, palm trees were also sacred to the people of Mesopotamia, who believed the tree provided them with food, shade and material for crafts and construction. They are mentioned in the Bible scriptures several times, relating to peace and righteousness.

The enchanting image of Los Angeles’ well-known palm trees is shown against a broad blue sky in this piece by California based photographer Kane Andrade. The trees reach upward, intersecting with the path of an airplane above. It’s a simple yet striking reminder of the city’s sunny days and the lofty dreams it inspires.  Palm tree wall art