Mushroom grow kits are a fun way to try your hand at cultivating mushrooms in your home. They’re great for seasoned gardeners, kids, or beginners looking to add some mycological flair to their home. Essentially, mushroom grow kits are delivered to you with the pre-sterilized grain spawn of your choice on a substrate that may look like sawdust, logs, or other forms of organic material. From there, it’s up to you to care for the kit until mushrooms begin to fruit.

The length of time it takes to reach fruiting status can vary greatly, depending on the type of mushroom and the particular kit you choose. Some kits only take a few weeks to start producing, while others require several months to do so. You’ll also want to consider the space requirements and humidity needs for your specific location when shopping for a mushroom grow kit.

Choosing the right mushroom growing kit for you will depend on your preferred method of cultivation, as well as how hands-on you’d like to be with your project. Some kits are all-in-one bags that are straightforward and easy to maintain, while others are grown on logs or in a box-style container that requires regular submersion for soaking.

One of the best-performing mushroom grow kits we reviewed is from North Spore, which comes with an all-in-one mushroom growing block and mushroom cultures in a convenient box. This kit was easy to set up, with clear instructions printed right on the box. It was also one of the faster growing kits to get to the first harvest, and was among the highest yielders for its second growth cycle.