Modern kitchen cabinets emphasize efficient storage and a clean aesthetic. You can choose from a wide variety of door styles to create the perfect solution for your home. Consider choosing a cabinet finish with a high gloss level for maximum light reflection and ease of cleaning. You can also pair a gloss finish with contrasting hardware to add visual interest. Tubular or rectangular bar pulls are popular choices that keep with the minimalist look of modern kitchen cabinetry.

A common feature of modern kitchens is an open floor plan that seamlessly connects the kitchen, dining, and living areas. This style helps create a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere by removing walls that can hinder movement and social interaction. It is important to keep this design style in mind when choosing your kitchen cabinets.

Customized appliance panels allow for seamless integration of appliances into the surrounding cabinetry. Cantilevered island countertops shift forward at the touch of a button to reveal a workspace or additional seating. Cabinets with built-in refrigerators and dishwashers disappear behind sleek fronts that require only a knock to open.

The color palette of modern kitchens leans toward neutrals and pastels. Light grays, creams, and off-whites are popular options, especially when paired with a bold or bright backsplash or countertop. Adding interest to these neutrals can be achieved by using a two-tone cabinet look or painting your cabinets in two contrasting colors, as exemplified in this kitchen by designer Emil Dervish. modern kitchen cabinets