Korean cosmetic manufacturers are leveraging Industry 4.0 technology to meet the changing market demand for skincare and beauty products. Besides the traditional offline sales, digital channels such as online platforms and mobile apps are becoming more popular among the consumers in the global cosmetics market. As a result, product architecture is more complex and requires more advanced technologies to ensure high-quality and fast delivery. This trend has changed the business model of korean skincare manufacturers, too.

Moreover, as consumers become more aware of the importance of protecting the environment, korean skincare manufacturers are also shifting their focus to sustainable beauty products. For instance, many korean skincare manufacturers have adopted less-plastic packaging and natural preservatives to reduce waste. In addition, they are focusing on utilizing environmentally friendly raw materials and minimizing the use of chemicals.

In fact, some korean skincare manufacturers are integrating microbiome cosmetics into their products to boost skin immunity. This has attracted the attention of consumers who prefer clean/vegan beauty and derma/cosmeceutical cosmetics. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, natural/organic, ceramide, and probiotics ingredients are some of the key trends in this segment.

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