Kohl eyeliner powder is a beauty essential. It helps create sultry, smoky looks and even gives you the grunge look you’ve been dreaming of.

Throughout history, the ancient Egyptians used kohl to highlight and darken the eyes for a more dramatic effect. Kohl was also used to protect the eyes from desert sun and sand. They would use kohl powder containing crushed gemstones like azurite, malachite or lapus lazuli.

It was also believed that kohl could help heal and moisturize the skin around the eyes and help protect against eye diseases. It was a popular makeup item for men and women alike and was often worn as a mark of beauty.

Kohl, which is also known as kajal, is a natural mineral powder derived from the metal antimony (Sb2S3). It has been used for thousands of years in Asia and Africa, where it is commonly applied along the upper and lower lash lines. It’s believed that kohl can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays and that it prevents lash loss.

In fact, the 18th Dynasty Queen, Hastshepsut ground frankincense into her kohl to ensure she looked fresh and radiant for her appearances. Today, kohl is still used as a cosmetic by many people across the world including Southern India and is usually made with organic ingredients such as jojoba oil, marula oil or shea butter.

Luckily, the formulas of modern kohl have evolved, and they come in a wide range of colors and finishes from classic black and brown to green, purple, and even shimmery bronze. One of our favorites is this option, which comes in a creamy pencil and features a precision tip on one end and a built-in smudger on the other. Plus, it’s ophthalmologist-tested, which makes it safe for those with sensitive eyes.  Kohl eyeliner powder