The kitchen is the heart of any home and Italians have mastered the art of cooking for centuries. In a country where the family-oriented warmth and intimacy is valued, it’s no wonder that the best Italian kitchens have inspired contemporary homeowners and designers around the world.

The style is characterized by a rustic, earthy look that features natural materials like stone and terra cotta. Colors also tend to be warm, with shades of ochre, burnt orange, and soft yellows that mimic a Tuscan sunset. Open windows and other natural features like flowers, plants, or artwork are common in Italian cook spaces as well.

Copper accents are a staple of Italian style, whether it’s a kitchen sink or a set of pans displayed on the wall. These touches offer a pop of color and help to create a timeless design.

Exposed wood ceiling beams are a common sight in Italian kitchen designs, and they can easily be incorporated into a modern or transitional home. In fact, some people choose to go the extra mile and use faux beams if their space doesn’t have existing wood beams.

A large island in the middle of a room is another popular option for an Italian-inspired kitchen. This enables everyone to have a spot to gather and enjoy a meal together.