How to Get Started in a Career in Voice Acting
First, take a class with a reputable coach/studio. This will give you a ton of helpful training, including how to create a starter demo reel. Then start submitting through casting websites, and build your own network. Production companies often have a hard time finding voice actors, so establishing yourself as one can open up tons of job opportunities for you.

Another way to build your network is by working for free on small projects – the more work you can put up, the better. Then you can use those projects to build up your reel and show potential clients that you have what it takes.

Once you have your reel and a good network, you can start charging money for your services. If you charge a decent rate, you’ll begin to see some consistent work coming in. Then you can begin to focus on improving your skills and advancing your career.

Eventually, you can move into major films, TV and radio ads. Some of the most famous voice actors make millions of dollars each year in residuals from their commercial work. But you’ll have to keep at it for years to reach that level of success.

When you work in voice acting, it’s equal parts art and entrepreneurship. You’re asking people to trust you with their hard-earned money, and it’s your responsibility to conduct yourself like a professional and deliver the goods. career in Voice Acting