Attracting YouTube views is a top goal of many video creators. YouTube is not just a social platform but also a search engine, so getting your videos to rank high in search results will bring you new audiences that may never have found your content otherwise.

Good YouTube content is about more than just what you make — it’s about how you present your videos and where you put them. It’s not just about asking viewers to subscribe but delivering engaging and informative content that keeps people on the platform. The YouTube algorithm is designed to reward channels that keep people watching.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and one of the best ways to get more YouTube views is by optimizing your video titles and descriptions for search. This is often called YouTube SEO, and it’s the first step toward building a community of engaged viewers on the platform.

As a brand, you can also leverage influencers with large followings to market your videos. This can be a costly strategy, but it’s also effective for creating awareness around niche topics or for gaining traction on difficult-to-rank keywords.

Adding end screens to your videos, which are video thumbnails that appear at the very end of your video, is another great way to drive more views. These are clickable and can link to other videos on your channel or playlists. But make sure the cards you choose are relevant and add value to the video — not just “hey check out this other video,” but actually something that’s going to interest the viewer. Attracting YouTube views