Not all trends are meant to be followed, as the regretful owners of disco boots will attest. But in the world of custom jewellery, designers know what’s hot and what’s not. So as the summer season heats up for custom jewellery, stores are displaying some intriguing pieces that you can’t help but warm to.

Stop and Sell the Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue, but rose gold may be the answer for you. When it comes to custom jewellery, Retailers are anything but blue over sales of this item. Boasting a lovely pink hew, rose gold is regaining its status as a hot commodity in jewellery. Jewellers are recommending it as part of a classic look that pairs nicely with complementary pieces such as pink pearls.

Keep it Clean

Geometric styles are another popular choice these days for cutting edge custom jewellery. Buyers appreciate the clean lines and aesthetically pleasing shapes that characterize this style of jewellery. Sellers, meanwhile, welcome the chance to incorporate these shapes in creative ways with unique rings, earrings and necklaces. They also find it an effective tool for restyling older pieces and giving them a new lease on life.

Pearls of Wisdom

As comebacks go, it’s hard to top the renaissance of pearls in contemporary custom jewellery. Shoppers are wising up to the power of pearls for adding class and delicate beauty to their jewellery. In a city of diversity, so it’s little wonder that people have joined other cities in embracing the pearl and the versatility that makes it an excellent addition to a custom jewellery collection.

Valuing Vintage

We often equate “trendy” with embracing the new at the expense of the old, but such is not the case with custom jewellery. Couples have begun sifting through their attics and garages, dusting off those vintage or estate items and getting them reset or refurbished as custom jewellery. Some romantics have a range of options. Maybe it’s that once glittering necklace that their grandmother wore at her wedding.

Or perhaps it’s a classic engagement ring that was passed down through the generations before finally being cast aside.

Whatever the case, the vintage trend offers countless opportunities to turn pieces of your past into a meaningful present of custom jewellery. people and its residents are going places, but it never hurts to remember where you came from.

Wear it Well

So as long as you do your homework, shop around and select the perfect item from the best jeweller that reflects the latest trend, you can’t go wrong. Right? Not so fast. Finding it and flaunting it are two different things, especially in regard to custom jewellery. People watchers have seen first hand that doing both well is harder than it sounds, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow a few basic guidelines:

• If you are layering a few items, keep them small to avoid a cluttered look.

• Should you have a “big statement” piece like an opulent necklace or a bold broach, let it speak for itself and you’ll be the talk of the town.

• When wearing multiple chains, choose different lengths and stick to one color of metal. Yellow, white and silver are like black socks and sandals: They function well on their own, but put them together and even the most talented custom jeweller can’t save you.

Keeping up with the latest fashion or jewellery trends can seem overwhelming, but it really comes down to opening your eyes, following your heart and letting an expert be your guide. custom stirrup socks