Hardness testers are important tools for a variety of metalworking operations, including heat treat shops, industrial production and quality control labs. Grainger offers a selection of dependable analog or digital Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers testers to help you find the ideal model for your needs. Choose from bench-mounted units that provide accurate testing results in the laboratory, or portable testers that can be used to test small precision parts, thin materials and wires. Some models feature higher testing rates to streamline processes without destroying the sample, saving you time and money.

rockwell hardness tester for sale is a method of measuring the hardness of metals and plastics by the depth of an indentation made on the material. The indentation size is then correlated to a hardness scale. A variety of indenters are available to allow testing for different hardness scales, from a standard steel ball to a diamond indenter. The method can be used on both rough and smooth samples, but the surface of the sample must be properly prepared to ensure accuracy.

The Rockwell tester can also be used to determine the hardness of abrasive materials by using a diamond indenter instead of a ball. This technique is often used to test abrasive steel materials, such as carbides and castings. The indentation size is measured by using a microscope or other optical instruments. The Brinell method is a more time-consuming process than Rockwell and requires the surface of the test sample to be prepared carefully.

Both the Rockwell and the Brinell methods of testing measure the hardness of a sample by indenting the specimen with an indenter and observing the diameter of the resulting impression. However, the results can be misleading if the indenter is not used properly or the surface of the specimen is too rough. Other methods of testing the hardness of metals include the Knoop and Leeb hardness tests, which use narrow diamond or spherical indenters to produce small impressions.

Allied Electronics has been providing metallurgical and quality control equipment since 1937. Our product line is extensive and includes a full line of Wilson, Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness testers, as well as indentation microscopes, indenter sets, diamond and indenter test blocks. Our products are used worldwide by metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments and failure analysis centers. We also manufacture the Buehler X-ray fluorescence (XRF) system and consumables to perform cross-sectional analysis of material samples. For more information, contact a representative today!