Gebaudereinigung Luneburg
We are a professional cleaning company with long experience and high customer satisfaction. Our company is a family business, which focuses on the cleaning and care of all types of premises. We provide cleaning services for commercial and private properties, including residential and industrial buildings as well as office complexes, schools, hospitals and more. In addition to the interior cleaning of your building, we also sanitize your yard and exterior areas. Our services range from gutter cleaning and roof maintenance to awning maintenance and facade cleaning.

Our cleaning experts are highly motivated, dependable and qualified. They work in accordance with the latest cleaning techniques and sanitary standards, as well as in compliance with environmental protection regulations. All our employees receive continuous training and are equipped with the best equipment. This guarantees you an optimal level of service. Our services are offered at reasonable prices and are characterized by excellent quality.

The most important criteria for a clean appearance are clean windows. Dirty windows not only make the outside of a building look ugly, but they can also create a bad impression on visitors, customers or tenants. For this reason, it is advisable to seek help from a professional window washer in Luneburg when washing large-scale windows.

Our specialists use modern cleaning technology and specialized chemical agents to ensure your windows are perfectly clean. They can also remove dirt from windows of different sizes and designs, such as glazed and painted glass, insulated, metal, polycarbonate and acrylic windows. Gebäudereinigung Lüneburg