Hiring talented game designers is a challenge for both SMBs and enterprises. Typical test and interview processes take days to complete, and require back-and-forth emails for clarification. Using games in the application phase reduces time to hire and can be used as a way of screening candidates without requiring them to spend valuable job searching time.

Video game developers use a variety of tools to turn an idea into a playable experience. These include software development languages, computer graphics, and audio recording. They can also create physics engines and animations. The process is often labor-intensive and requires extensive collaboration with a team of other specialists.

Many companies have begun to rethink traditional hiring practices by using gamification in their recruitment processes. For example, Magyar Telekom in Hungary uses a gaming platform to screen millennials for sales roles. This removes the need to review resumes and lets candidates show off their skills by completing online challenges.

A completed video game enters the ‘post-production’ or maintenance stage, where end-users report in-game bugs, errors, and glitches to the gaming studio. The studios then work on eliminating the bugs and release improved versions called ‘patches’ for the gamers.

Hiring dedicated game developers is a good option for ensuring that a project meets the expected timeline. This is especially important in the gaming industry, where missed deadlines can have a serious impact on the business’s bottom line. Games hire