When it comes to food delivery near me, there are several options available. Most of them are third-party apps that connect customers with restaurants in their area and allow them to place orders for pickup or delivery. Some are even offering subscription services that offer customers a reduced service fee or a $0 delivery charge.

With COVID-19 causing restaurants across New York City to close or operate with limited capacities, many have turned to food delivery as a way to survive. Whether they’re selling Taiwanese dumplings or California burritos, the city’s best restaurants have integrated delivery into their business models to get customers through the doors and increase their bottom line.

For an industry with razor-thin margins, it’s no surprise that the growth in meal delivery apps has created a lot of controversy. Some are taking up to a 30% commission from each order, making it nearly impossible for restaurants to turn a profit. These steep fees have prompted the city to implement a temporary cap on the commissions and marketing contributions that third-party apps can charge.

While the city’s top delivery apps are still operating, some of them have become more efficient than others. For example, ChowNow offers commission-free online ordering for restaurants and seamlessly integrates with a restaurant’s website. This approach is especially useful for smaller restaurants that may not have the resources to hire their own delivery drivers.

Grubhub is another popular option with more than 22.6 million users around the world. The app has a huge selection of New York City restaurants to choose from and allows customers to search by type, rating level, and price. The company has partnered with a number of American fast-food chains and also offers a “Featured Restaurant Partners” section with bigger brands like Chipotle and Cheesecake Factory.

DoorDash is growing quickly as well. The app has a large selection of New York City restaurants to choose from, but it’s mainly focused on the more popular companies like Shake Shack and Taco Bell. The company has a slew of deals for customers including free delivery on their first order and a discount on a new Dash Pass membership that costs $10 per month.

Postmates is another option for food delivery. The app doesn’t restrict its delivery drivers to specific geographical areas, allowing them to deliver meals from almost anywhere in the five boroughs. The company is known for its friendly delivery drivers and a variety of different options for New York City delivery food. food delivery near me