Filter taps remove the need to spend money on expensive water filter jugs and provide instant access to clean, fresh tasting water right from your kitchen sink. These taps fit alongside your existing tap, and have a separate outlet that is fed through a cartridge which then gives you filtered water on demand. The filters are easy to maintain and can last up to six months before they need replacing with the help of a light indicator to remind you.

The filtered water taps available from Taps UK come in a variety of different designs and sizes to suit your kitchen style, and can either sit next to the main hot or cold outlet, or be situated alongside the mixer outlets on a three-way tap (like the Astini Kelda Chrome) that also includes a dedicated filter outlet. Most models are designed to look like an ordinary kitchen faucet, and are supplied with everything you need for installation, such as a hose, connectors, cartridge and fitting instructions.

Generally, a filter modifies the signal to produce an output that depends only on past signals. Mathematically, a filter can be made to depend on any value of the signal, but for practical reasons only causal filters (i.e. filters with an impulse response that consists of only a finite number of consecutive nonzero values) are implemented. The filter design functions in QUA, including cfirpm and bflg, only support the design of linear phase filters that are causal. This is because the coefficients (or “taps”) of these filters have an even or odd symmetry relation, and the impulse response of an n-th order FIR filter must therefore be limited to a finite number of samples.  filter taps