Fenben cancer treatment has been shown to be an effective anti-tumor drug in mice. The medication was originally developed to deworm rodents and is widely used in facilities that raise these animals due to its simplicity of use and low side effects. However, research into the drug has revealed additional benefits and the anthelmintic has been used to prevent tumor growth in animal studies.

This repurposing of drugs has the potential to reduce the time and expense needed to develop new medications. Fenbendazole (methyl N-(6-phenylsulfanyl-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl) carbamate) is a broad-spectrum benzimidazole anthelminthic that has been extensively tested in numerous animal species.

The pharmacology of fenbendazole has been well studied in laboratory settings and it interferes with cancer cell metabolism by blocking the production of glucose. Glucose is essential for cancer cells to grow and thrive and fenbendazole starves cancer cells of this vital nutrient, effectively killing them.

Scientists believe that fenbendazole has multiple mechanisms of action in human cancer cells and that the drug is able to kill tumors at a variety of stages. To test its effectiveness, researchers treated a cancer cell line with fenbendazole and examined the results using immunofluorescence. They found that the drug caused a partial alteration of the microtubule network in the cancer cell and this resulted in an increase in apoptosis.

In addition, scientists were able to inhibit tumor growth in xenografted EMT6 tumors in BALB/cRw mice by administering fenbendazole via i.p injection. Tumor-bearing mice were stratified based on tumor volume and given three daily i.p. injections of either fenbendazole alone, or fenbendazole plus irradiation. The irradiated tumors were subjected to a total of 10 Gy and the data showed that fenbendazole prevented radiation-induced tumor growth.

Currently, there isn’t sufficient evidence that fenbendazole will cure cancer in humans. But this drug may be a good addition to other established treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Cancers can recur, and if they do, it’s important that people take advantage of the established therapies available to them. Health Feedback does not recommend the fenbendazole cancer treatment and you should always consult your doctor before taking any medication. To read more articles on this topic, you can visit the Cancer Treatment section of our website. There you will find articles on the latest in conventional and alternative cancer treatments. You can also read about the Joe Tippens case and how he used a combination of therapies to cure his cancer. We hope you find these resources helpful and thank you for reading.. fenben cancer treatment