Whether you’re dealing with an uncontested or contested divorce, child custody, property/asset division or alimony matter, it’s crucial to hire a family lawyer who has the qualifications and experience to best represent your interests. The best way to find a qualified lawyer is through a referral from a trusted source or by conducting a search of your own. Look for an attorney who is experienced and able to effectively communicate complex legal matters in layman’s terms. Moreover, you should make sure that your chosen attorney is responsive to your questions and concerns throughout the case.

For instance, Anderson Hunter Attorney Laurie Ummel likens the work of a family law attorney to counseling in this regard: “People come in with a problem. They want to have it solved.” Her firm handles a wide range of family cases including divorces, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and grandparent/nonparent rights. In addition, it provides services to indigent individuals through the Manhattan Assigned Counsel Panel.

Another family law firm is Cordell & Cordell, which offers representation to clients in a variety of divorce proceedings, whether contentious or not. The firm is dedicated to leveling the playing field for men by advocating for their rights. Its attorneys also offer divorce mediation and other legal services for children’s issues.

The New York City office of Samuelson Hause & Samuelson LLP offers legal guidance to people in family law and estate planning matters. It has more than 100 years of combined experience in handling matters related to a divorce, child support and custody, spousal maintenance, and other family-related issues. It also assists with restraining orders and protections against domestic violence; adoptions; grandparent and nonparent rights; and the preparation of pre/post-nuptial and separation agreements. אמיר בר לב