Deer hunting is the most common habit now-a-days and as it is known deer is the most active animal amongst others one should take utmost care while hunting this animal. Those exploratory deer hunters,Deer stand plans Articles here is a good suggestion for you as to how you can build an ideal Deer Stand so as to attain the fantastic aim and a wonderful gunshot. There are a lot of things to be considered while planning a Deer Stand and to get the objective for which it is advisable to follow these useful tips while planning a Deer Stand. You would need a range of things in order to build a perfect Deer Stand and the another important thing is-the elevation, that helps you to get a proper view. The height and its uses will be discussed later. List of things to be prepared for the Deer Stand: – Lumber and plywood (pressure treated) – Ring bar 16 penny nails /3â€� sheetrock screws (for the main body of the stand) – 40 penny spikes (connected to the tree) – For the seat, take 2×2 feet plywood of thickness ¾â€� pt. Paint the wood with any water-proof paint till it stops absorbing any more. – A V shaped slash (cut) of 6â€�on one side-to be fixed against the tree. – Rise this seat on 2×4’s(2 parallel and 4 ft long) and from the 2×4’s leaving 4â€� uncovered from front side (the notch on the behind) – And the sleek or the slender side of 2×4’s next to plywood. – Now inside the 2×4’s holding seat position 2 16 ft long 2×4’s with narrow side in upward direction. – For spacing the steps of the ladder (around 18â€�) now take 2 16ft 2×4’s and wind up. – From the top most measure a distance of 18 inches that is really perfect, go on fitting stairs at 18 inches each, until you come to the base fitting each stair with 2 screws or nails on either sides of the stair. – The top piece and the ladder are ready, place the top piece on the side of the ladder, position the ladder into the 2 2×4 and remember that the notch has on be in the backside. – Then tilt the ladder a bit about 10-15 degree instead of placing it straight, as it will be simpler for you to climb. – Fit the ladder to the seat with the help of the screws and now the stand is done for you. – To put this on the tree take the help of an extension ladder, with your friend’s help place the ladder accurately, with the stand next to the tree and the modifying the seat to the desired level. – Now take a 2×4 piece and mount up the ladder and with the help of nails fit it to the seat railings so that the board tightens with the tree. – Take a 40 penny spike and coerce it across the small board and fit it with the tree. – For the braces, take a 2 4 ft long 2×4’s and nail it just ahead of the back of the plywood sheet, and down to the ladder on either sides for support, repeat this on each step fitting in the seat 2×4’s and outer face of the ladder 2×4’s using a lot of screws and nails. – You can even construct shooting safety railing by fitting 2 4ft long 2×4’s to the braces at the spot where the ladder and the seat are joint. Elevation: – For the height, you have to angle the safety railings by forwarding a bit above the seating level about 21 inches or else what you can do is for extra security on the support, take other 4ft long 2×4 on the top and another 2 4ft 2×4’s fit them again from front railing to the tree, affix with nails and screws to the front railing and 40 penny spikes along the tree. – For the back rest, take 12 by18 inch plywood and place it at a relaxed angle, fasten it between the seat and the tree and your tree stand is complete. – Lastly drop a piece of cloth from the shooting railing and for the relaxation use the boat cushion, for the gun draw your ropes and now you are all set to go Elevation assists to give you a good view while shooting and hence helping you to never miss an ideal shot, it even secures you against all the possible troubles. You can also make it more cozy by carpeting the interiors. To make a simple entry construct a full-sized doorway.  5/8 to mm