cPRIME is an innovation and organization showcasing organization that went into its pre-send off stage in late-spring of 2010. The organization produces execution wear items that highlight a light-based nano-innovation that might assist with expanding adaptability, strength, equilibrium, perseverance and by and large execution. cPRIME utilizes autonomous merchants to market and sell the items through informal exchange network advertising.

The cPRIME NEO Bracelet and cPRIME BURN Sports Band are the main items cPRIME has carried out. While these two items work something similar, there are a few distinctions. In the first place, this is the way they are comparative.


1. Both element a similar patent-forthcoming, light-based nano-innovation.
2. The NEO and BURN are both worn by numerous first class competitors in all various kinds of sports.
3. Both cPRIME arm bands are more than supposed energy wristbands. They might assist with expanding adaptability, strength, equilibrium, perseverance and in general execution.
4. Both come in a few distinct varieties, however the NEO has a lot more tones to browse.
5. At the point when worn, both assist with enhancing your body’s normal electromagnetic energy, similar as a recieving wire on a radio pulls in and coordinates radio waves.


1. The NEO band is made of a careful grade polyurethane. The BURN is made of silicone.
2. The NEO highlights a treated steel catch/locking system. The BURN stretches and slides onto your wrist without a fasten
3. The NEO can be slit down to accommodate your wrist. The BURN comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.
4. The innovation in the NEO is one chip situated in the band. The BURN has numerous chips to permit the band to extend.
5. There is a ladies’ rendition of the NEO cPRIME arm band (albeit numerous ladies likewise wear the standard NEO), however the BURN is gender neutral.
6. The NEO has a SRP of $100. The BURN has a SRP of $55.

Many individuals are finding that the cPRIME BURN Sports Band is a superior choice for swimming and physical games. The NEO is by all accounts more well known for lighter action, working out and for regular style wear. sport band As of late-winter 2011, the cPRIME innovation was going through outsider, twofold visually impaired logical tests to check adequacy on the body. The organization says the experimental outcomes will be discharge later in the year.

This is the authority disclaimer: cPRIME makes no recuperating, healing or clinical cases or guarantees with respect to its items. cPRIME’s items don’t analyze, fix, treat, mend or forestall any sickness, ailment or ailment. On the off chance that you have an ailment or disease, you ought to counsel your doctor. In the event that this item was addressed as well as offered to you as a clinical gadget, kindly return the item and reach us