Even the best-made conservatories can experience issues over time – and while it’s easy to repair small leaks, more frequent problems are a sign that your roof is getting to the end of its life. Replacing the roof is an opportunity to address those niggling issues and make your conservatory a more comfortable place to relax in all year round.

Adding a solid roof is a much quicker process than having a whole new conservatory built, and it can be undertaken with minimal disruption to the existing structure. It also allows you to choose a roof style that best suits your property, and you can incorporate other elements such as solar heating.

The most popular choice for a conservatory roof is a tiled roof, which can be fitted to all shapes and sizes of conservatories and is available in a wide range of colours. There are also glass roofs available, with low-emissivity glass that will help keep your conservatory cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There are also options for a self-cleaning roof to help reduce the build-up of dirt and grime.

A good roofing company should be able to provide advice on the best option for your conservatory. However, bear in mind that the addition of a new roof will change the structure and loads on your existing conservatory, so a surveyor should be called out to check that your supporting structure is adequate. If they find any signs of distress, it may be necessary to carry out further work to ensure that your new roof and supporting structure complies with building regulations. Conservatory roof replacement