Choosing a Hot Wash Pressure Washer
Cold water can get most everyday clean up jobs done, but when it comes to sticky or greasy spills and messes, hot cleaning is often the best choice. Using heated water can emulsify or break down contaminants much easier, which helps eliminate a lot of the chemical cleaners that may be needed when dealing with a particularly difficult mess. This is why many restaurants and corporate chain stores rely on hot power washing to clean their exteriors.

A hot water pressure washer uses a heating element to heat up the water that is then released through the nozzle at high pressure. This allows the water to penetrate greasy surfaces and loosen dirt at a molecular level, which is why it works so well for oil and grease. The temperature of the water also helps to emulsify the chemicals used in detergents, which further reduces the amount of chemical cleaner that is necessary to be effective.

A hot wash pressure washer is a great option for professional cleaners who deal with tough contaminants like heavy grease and grime on a daily basis. Truck drivers, for example, don’t have a lot of time to spare when it comes to cleaning up their trucks between long haul trips. A good quality hot water pressure washer can quickly eradicate grease and grime to keep trucks looking their best. These units are available in a range of sizes and fuel types, including electric and gas/diesel. Some offer a conversion burner that is ideal for use on vehicles, while others are portable and can be easily moved around a jobsite. hot wash pressure washer