Choosing the right conservatory roof is an essential part of your renovation project. There are many different options available, including polycarbonate and glass roofing systems, as well as solid conservatory roofs. There is also the option to add a decorative element with custom roof lanterns. Regardless of the choice you make it is essential to set a budget to help you decide what you want to spend and what is most important for your home.

Glass roofs are a popular choice because they offer a beautiful aesthetic and allow plenty of light to enter your conservatory. Glass is also durable and resistant to the British weather. Modern energy efficient glass can be specified with special features, such as self-cleaning glazing that works with sunlight to break down dirt and keep your conservatory clean. You can also add argon gas filled double glazed windows to further improve the thermal efficiency of your new conservatory.

Solid roofs are a more substantial upgrade for your conservatory, offering increased insulation and the ability to use your conservatory all year round. They can be fitted as a whole system and meet the requirements of current UK fire safety laws. They can also be finished with a range of different colours to give your conservatory a unique look.

Solid roofs can be expensive but they are long-lasting and come with a guaranteed 40-year lifespan. They can also be installed with lightweight tiles that do not damage the original roof structure and require less maintenance than concrete. conservatory roof