Choosing a baby boy name is one of the biggest decisions parents will make. A unique name can give your child a chance to stand out from the crowd and inspire him to live up to his moniker. It can also set the tone for his personality and future life choices. Whether you want to give your son a royal name or something fun and quirky, we’ve got plenty of endearing options for you to consider.

From classics like Oliver and Benjamin to old-fashioned names that are making a comeback, these cute boy names will leave everyone wanting to cuddle your little one. There are also many religious baby names that have become more popular than ever, ranging from traditional names like James and Michael to unique ones such as Levi and Ezra.

Some of the most endearing boy names are inspired by the outdoors. For example, if you’re looking for a name that has an earthy feel to it, you might want to try Shai, which is pronounced SHY and comes from Hebrew mythology. Or, if you’re a fan of paleontology, you might want to give your son Scotty, which is the nickname for the name of the largest Tyrannosaurus-Rex fossil that was discovered in 1991.

Other outdoor-inspired names include Milo, which has a military feel to it and means’merciful soldier’. Morris is another great option for those who want a masculine name that feels both old-fashioned and modern. Then there’s Luca, which has the seal of approval from Colin Firth and his Italian wife as well as celebrities including Hilary Duff, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rebecca Minkoff, and Jacinda Barrett.  baby boy name